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Are You Ready to Lose Fat, Build Muscle, Reclaim Youth?

Discover how high performance functional medicine can reenergize, reshape, and revitalize your health!


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Struggling to Lose Fat and Build Muscle in Your 40's?

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Are you tired of feeling fatigued, bloated, weak, overweight, lifting weights and not seeing any results?


Achieve Your Health Goals in 6 months with a Personalized Functional Medicine Strategy for LIFELONG Health and Performance 


What is Peak Wellness?

Peak Wellness is an individualized, science-based approach that focuses on the root cause of health issues and promotes optimal performance. By addressing the underlying causes rather than symptoms, we are able to identify and help resolve the unique complexity of each individual's health challenges to achieve Peak Wellness. 

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In 6 Months Create a Plan for Your Optimized Physical and Mental Self!


I'm Ravi Gupta, MD!

And I am committed to the idea that patients have the ability to reverse disease, foster health, and achieve ultimate wellness. I am dedicated to tackling the root causes of chronic conditions by utilizing the power of functional medicine to disrupt our current healthcare model. I work daily to encourage patients to heal their bodies and energize their minds, naturally.
I'll help you tune into what's really going on deep inside all your body systems and teach you everything you need to know to have an optimized body and mind.
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Hear What Our Happy Clients Have to Say! 

"I felt the program wasn't difficult, and I lost significant fat around my belly and saw my 6-pack wake up!"  
- Chris A.
"I am extremely grateful for Dr. G and this program and this whole experience! I feel amazing! I am going to keep it going! Thank you very much!"
- Mike P.
"I lost 8 lbs and 1 inch around my waste and learned lessons in healthy eating that will last me a lifetime!"
- Ali A.

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Want FREE tips from a physician on how to build muscle in your 40's?

Download The FREE Peak Health & Wellness "10 Tips to Losing Fat and Building Muscle in Your 40's" Guide now!

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Peak Health & Wellness "10 Tips to Losing Fat and Building Muscle in Your 40's" Guide now!

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