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With one-on-one expert guidance and cutting edge functional testing, you've found the best place to dig deep into the science of your body so that you can truly nurture and heal yourself!


One-on-One Consulting with

Ravi Gupta, MD


Learn how to tune in to what's really happening in your health, body and mind. Ravi Gupta, MD will teach you how to:

  • Learn what's going on with all your body systems from a deeper scientific standpoint.
  • Connect with your optimum health and body to lose fat, gain muscle, and reclaim your youth.
  • Align your vision of perfect health with your reality.

It’s time to nurture yourself like never before!

STEP #1: Initial High Performance Assessment and Consultation

During the Initial Assessment wewill consult with you to find out more about you, your health, and family history to build your personalized in-depth health profile!

STEP #2: Advanced Diagnostic Testing

We will go over your medical history, your goals, ailments, prior lab testing, and nutrition. Together, we'll create a personalized testing and diagnostic plan!

STEP #3: Personalized Optimization Plan

We develop a personalized and structured optimization plan addressing each of your health concerns

STEP #4: Lifestyle and Nutrition Coaching

We will identify blind spots using the wheel of life and review your personality profile to give guidance on how to live a balanced and fulfilling life.

We will also create a tailored nutrition plan to address your specific needs

STEP #5: Progress Monitoring and Adjustment

We watch your progress soar as we track your journey, tweaking and fine-tuning your plan to keep it spot-on and perfectly tailored to your ever-changing goals!

STEP #6: Long Term Optimization and Enhancement

Get ready for a lifelong roadmap to ultimate health! We'll help you build muscle, shed fat, turn back the clock on aging, and live a vibrant, fulfilling life like never before!


I am committed to the idea that patients have the ability to reverse disease, foster health, and achieve ultimate wellness. At Peak Health and Wellness we are dedicated to tackling the root causes of chronic conditions by utilizing the power of functional medicine to disrupt our current healthcare model and encourage patients to heal their bodies and energize their minds, naturally.

Join me on a journey of self-discovery, and total health transformation.

Ready to Lose Fat, Build Muscle, Reclaim Youth? Here's how I will transform you in 4-6 months 

Breaking down the program - here's what you'll really get:


Step 1: Initial High Performance Assessment and Consultation

  • We begin by reviewing your intake questionnaire and discussing your health goals. Want to get off medications? Want to be highly muscled? Want to lose weight? Want to get rid of gut issues? This session helps us understand your aspirations.  There will be no waiting, we will provide immediate guidance to kickstart your journey Day 1!


Step 2: Advanced Diagnostic Testing

We conduct advanced diagnostic testing to gain a detailed understanding of your metabolic profile. This includes:

  • Comprehensive Lab Testing: Metabolic panel, thyroid panel, complete blood count, Vitamin D, Iron, Insulin, Hgb A1C, Vitamin B12, Homocysteine, and advanced lipid profile (including Lp (a) and APO B to determine cardiac risk.

  • GI Microbiome Testing to analyze your gut health.

  • Basal Metabolic Rate and VO2 Max Testing to establish your caloric expenditure and cardiovascular fitness baseline.

  • Food Inflammation Testing to identify food tolerances.

  • If there are any immediate concerns, we will communicate and work with your primary care physician.


Step 3: Personalized Optimization Plan 

  • We develop a personalized and structured optimization plan addressing each of your health concerns. This plan will guide you on building muscle, losing fat, healing chronic diseases, and reversing biological age. Are you anemic? Is your Vitamin D level adequate? What’s wrong with your microbiome? Is your VO2 Max appropriate for your age? Do you need more testing to help get a proper plan in place? All these and more questions will be answered.

Step 4: Lifestyle and Nutrition Coaching:

  • This program is easy, we do the heavy lifting and you just need to follow our guidance.  But success also hinges on mindset. We'll identify blind spots using the wheel of life and review your personality profile to give guidance on how to live a balanced and fulfilling life.

  • We will also create a tailored nutrition plan to address your specific needs.  How many calories should you eat?  Is vegan, keto, paleo right for you? . Do you need to eliminate dairy or gluten? Do you need to start a gut healing dietary protocol? Are gut issues getting in the way of eating a high protein diet? Is there a particular supplement that will help you achieve your results?  All these and more questions will be answered.

Step 5: Progress Monitoring and Adjustment 

  • As you progress, we will monitor your journey and make necessary adjustments to your plan, ensuring it remains effective and aligned with your evolving needs.


Step 6: Long Term Optimization and Enhancement

  • Finally we provide a life long plan to maintain and enhance your health, helping you build muscle, lose fat, reverse biological age, and achieve a vibrant, fulfilling life!


Quick Transformation: Complete the program in just 4-6 months and be equipped with everything you need to live your most extraordinary, healthiest life.




Do you have chronic health issues or feel like something is missing in your health? Have you tried everything and no matter how hard you work, your health just isn't where you think it should be?

If so, then One-on-One Consulting with Ravi Gupta, MD is definitely for you.

We'll help you tune into what's really going on deep inside all your body systems. Once you've learned what's really going on, we'll teach you everything you need to know to nurture yourself and create the optimal health and body that will give you abundant energy for life!


Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right package for you:

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Normally priced at $7250!

  • Access to 6 Private One-on-One Consultations with Ravi Gupta, MD
  • Access to Phase One Body Reset Course Modules
  • Access to Phase Two Body Transformation Course Modules (Coming Soon)
  • Functional Medicine Lab Testing ($2500 Value!) including: BMR / Inbody / VO2 Max testing / Dexa, Heavy Metal and Mold Testing (optional)
  • GI Map Testing
  • Food Inflammation Testing
  • Functional Medicine Lab Test Interpretation Consultations
  • 10 Day Detox Program Powered By sweetgreen
  • Nutrition and Exercise Plans
  • Oura Ring and Informational Books
  • Personalized Action Plan Based On Your Individual Needs
  • Membership to the Peak Health and Wellness community
  • Live text/email support
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If you aren’t completely satisfied with your Peak Health and Wellness program let us know within the first 30 days for a full refund*


*refund does not apply to cost of lab tests

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