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Habits That Create Power and Success with Vikram Raya, MD

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Show Notes

:50 – Dr. Vikram Raya’s Bio

1:22 – Why are habits so important?

1:53 – What is a metaprogram?

5:02 – How long does it take to form a habit?

7:36 – How do you begin to change habits?

13:30 – Why is it important to link emotion into changing habits?

14:24 – How to best set yourself up for success in changing habits.

15:22 – Discussion of tips from Atomic Habits Book

18:26 – What’s the number one habit Vik recommends to create?

19:45 – What’s Vik’s morning routine?

21:37 – What are some really powerful habits Vik uses to push himself?

To watch the video version of this episode, click here.