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Optimizing Sleep - The Natural Approach with Andy Wong, MD

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Show Notes

0:48 - Andy’s Bio

1:58 - Why does Dr. Wong say that sleep is not passive and one of the most active things we do and one of our most important lifestyle factors?

3:57 - How many people get less than an ideal amount of sleep?

5:24 - Why does Dr. Wong say that not sleeping is the new smoking?

5:50 - What is TMOYP?

8:16 - What’s happening while we sleep and why is it so important to our health?

12:59 - Why does Dr. Wong say our immune system is the most active while we sleep?

15:10 - What does sleep deprivation do to your body’s fat storage, hunger and satiety signals?

16:28 - What does the liver do during sleep?

17:24 - What does the brain do during sleep?

19:20 - What are the best ways to improve sleep quality and quantity?

24:10 - Why should you try to get to sleep before midnight?

25:11 - What wearable technology can help you track your sleep better?

27:15 - What sleep tips can help you prepare for a better night’s sleep?

27:50 - How does alcohol affect sleep?

30:46 - How do sleeping pills affect sleep?

32:06 - What medical issues can affect sleep?

34:30 - How does stress affect your sleep?

37:12 - How can we activate the Vagus Nerve relaxation response?

39:54 - What are some other practices that are backed by research to help with better sleep?

42:25 - What supplements can help with sleep?

46:01 - Andy can be reached at, Facebook or Instagram

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