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Unlocking The Power of Gratitude with Mariola Czarniak

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Show Notes

0:25 – Mariola's Bio

1:00 – Why is gratitude so important?

3:30 – How does stress relate to chronic health conditions and how does gratitude help?

5:30 – How has gratitude helped Mariola change her life?

8:20 – How has Ravi used gratitude to help with stressful situations?

10:10 – Why do we get addicted to stressful or unhealthy emotions and what can we do about it?

12:40 – How do we shift to gratitude from an unhealthy emotional state?

13:50 – What does it mean to shift your physiology?

15:26 – Why is language and incantations so important?

17:48 – How do emotions get magnified once habituated?

19:02 – How can physiology affect emotions and how can you shift it?

21:05 – What areas of your life can you use gratitude to change it for the positive?

23:52 – How to best use gratitude to help through times of adversity?

28:56 – Mariola’s parting words of wisdom on how to best use gratitude to better your life.

To watch the video version of this episode, click here.