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The Happiness Formula with Trevor McGregor - Part 1

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Show Notes

:40 - Trevor's Bio

1:36 - Why does Trevor think happiness is so important?

2:36 - What does some of the science say about the roles happiness plays in our psychological and physiological health and wellbeing?

3:42 - Should people feel selfish for feeling happy?

4:34 - What is the law of polarity?

6:03 - What does focus and attention do to help happiness?

8:38 - What does Dr. Joe Dispenza say about ruminating negative thoughts?

10:25 - How do we program our thoughts so that they are more positive?

11:55 - What is the Saboteur and the Sage?

12:27 - Trevor references the book Positive Intelligence

12:40 - What are the ten types of saboteurs?

13:25 - What does intuition have to do with happiness?

14:40 - What does priming yourself for the day look like?

16:20 - What kind of impact does catching and stopping negative thoughts have on happiness?

16:50 - What is a familiar past and how does it impact happiness?

17:21 - How do we reprogram our minds to get past the familial past?

19:01- How does helping others impact happiness?

20:09 - Ravi and Trevor will discuss The Happiness Formula in the next episode.

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