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The Happiness Formula with Trevor McGregor - Part 2

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Show Notes

:27 - What is the Happiness Formula?

2:46 - What is the formula for unhappiness?

4:01 - What Is the formula for suffering?

4:40 - What are the two things to look at if you’re in formula 3 or 2 and want to be in 1?

6:50 - What does taking a personal inventory mean?

7:40 - What did Dr. Gupta do to make his happiness formula “add up”?

10:00 - What are different techniques and modalities that we can use to help us be happier?

16:04 - Trevor references the book The Gap and the Gain

22:00 - What app does Ravi use to help him with his meditation?

23:21 - What's Trevor's final tip to help cultivate happiness?

24:00 - Trevor’s website:

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