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Optimizing Gut Health with Andy Wong, MD

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Show Notes

1:06 - Andy’s Bio

1:43 - Why is gut health so important?

4:44 - What can happen when someone doesn’t have good gut health?

7:02 - What does “Food as medicine” mean?

7:35 - How does having poor gut health affect your immune system?

8:04 - What is leaky gut and how can it impact health?

11:46 - What is dysbiosis and how can it impact health?

16:42 - Why should most people consider that they may have some degree of leaky gut and/or dysbiosis?

18:45 - How can stress contribute to leaky gut/dysbiosis?

20:49 - What type of testing does Dr. Wong use for leaky gut/dysbiosis and why?

22:50 - What is Zonulin and what is it a sign of?

24:00 - What is SIBO and how can it be tested for?

26:06 - What’s the functional medicine approach to treating leaky gut/dysbiosis?

29:52 - What can we do to help with better digestion and gut health?

32:40 - Does treatment change if the patient has a bacterial or parasitic infection?

35:15 - What are some of the herbal treatments Dr. Wong uses?

36:40 - Dr. Wong can be reached at or on Instagram or Facebook

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