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Understanding Palpitations and Conquering Atrial Fibrillation with Chirag Sandesara, MD

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Show Notes

1:24 - Chirag's Bio

2:21 - What is a heart palpitation and are they all actually abnormalities?

4:24 - What are the upsides and downsides of all the new self-quantification "wear-ables"?

7:26 - When should someone seek medical attention for any issues or abnormalities they feel with their heart?

9:30 - What is Atrial Fibrillation (Afib) and how common is it?

10:38 - How can Atrial Fibrillation cause strokes?

13:00 - What causes Atrial Fibrillation?

13:57 - Why is Atrial Fibrillation considered to be a "lifestyle disease"?

15:00 - How is Atrial Fibrillation diagnosed?

16:15 - What is the new "patch technology" that makes Afib diagnosis so much easier for patients?

17:50 - What happens if there's only just a few seconds of Afib and how long does it need to be before it becomes a real issue?

20:17 - What are the medical treatments for Afib?

22:42 - Can a hit to the chest really affect the heart rhythm?

24:30 - What can someone do to prevent Afib or other heart arrhythmias?

26:40 - What is Holiday Heart Syndrome and how can it promote Afib, and how can it be prevented?

28:07 - How does having Diabetes increase the risk of Afib?

28:28 - How does sleep apnea or thyroid issues increase the risk of Afib?

32:00 - What are some of the solutions that can help prevent Afib and possibly help someone get off medications?

37:47 - Dr. Chirag Sandesara can be found at