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How to Improve Your Cholesterol Profile and Heart Health with Tariq Haddad, MD

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2:09 - Tariq's Bio

2:42 - What is Cardiovascular Disease and what part do lipids play?

3:50 - How do clots start in the first place?

5:50 - What are the risk factors for Cardiovascular disease?

6:53 - What leads to heart attacks and strokes?

8:56 - Is there really a "good" and "bad" cholesterol?

9:54 - Does Red wine help increase the HDL cholesterol?

11:14 - What does a lipid panel consist of?

13:33 - What are the reasons cholesterol itself isn't really a bad thing and what does the body need it for?

15:44 - What about advanced lipid panels, are they worth requesting from your practitioner? Who would be good candidates for these tests?

17:42 - How does it help to measure Lipoprotein (a)? Who should probably have this level checked?

20:58 - What about measuring lipid particle size?

22:28 - Is there a big cost difference between the standard and advanced lipid panels?

24:15 - How are risk factors measured in each individual patient?

26:15 - What is a calcium score test and what is it used for? How often should you get one?

29:04 - What is plaque made up of and how is calcium related?

31:08 - What does the triglyceride to HDL ratio have to do with predicting risk?

31:50 - How is treatment decided by level of risk and how does lifestyle factor in to this equation?

34:12 - Why does Dr. Gupta think many people could benefit more by changing their lifestyle first before going on medication and may end up not needing it?

37:40 - How much exercise is actually needed to get the benefit and why is it not as much as people might think?

42:02 - What other lifestyle factors impact Cardiovascular Disease?

43:52 - What does Tariq recommend where nutraceuticals are concerned?

45:21 - What does Dr. Gupta recommend where nutraceuticals are concerned from a Functional Medicine perspective?

47:49 - What is Tariq's criteria for getting someone off of their cholesterol medication?

50:20 - Why does Tariq think it's important that more doctors emphasize lifestyle rather than going straight to medications?

51:48 - Tariq can be reached at