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Building Confidence and Emotional Intelligence in Kids with Sandhya Dayal

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Show Notes:

1:55 - Sandhya's Bio

4:57 - How does Sandhya work with families to help them understand each other and navigate better family dynamics.

7:14 - What is Emotional Intelligence and how do you teach it?

9:25 - What kind of impact can unhealthy relationships have on your health?

10:18 - What are the four Parenting and Child styles and why is it important to understand your styles?

23:00 - Why is it important that parents are on the same page with their values and rules no matter what their styles are?

26:40 - What are some values that family members can have together?

27:56 - How does the baggage or unconscious bias that parents can bring from their past impact the entire family dynamics and how can you learn to balance it?

33:19 - How do we change or adapt our styles and tendencies to learn how to create better family dynamics?

34:28 - Are "Participation trophies" healthy for building confidence in kids?

35:23 - Is the "Everyone is equal" concept good for motivation or development of children?

37:28 - What do you do if your child is just not motivated no matter what you've tried?

39:38 - Sandhya can be reached at and on Instagram.