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The 5 Step Relationship Solution Saving Thousands In Counseling with Trevor McGregor - Part 2

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1:32 - What is the second step of the 5 - Step Formula?

1:42 - Dr. Gupta references the book The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman here:

2:15 - What are the Five Love Languages?

7:38 - What can happen if a couple each has different Love Languages and doesn't recognize it?

8:45 - What does "There's a reason for every season" mean as it relates to relationships?

10:38 - What is polarity in a relationship and why is it important?

13:13 - What can not having understanding of each other roles in polarity do to a relationship?

15:05 - What is the Formula For Happiness in a relationship that Tony Robbins teaches?

15:35 - What is the Formula For Unhappiness in a relationship?

15:55 - What is the Formula For Suffering in a relationship?

17:15 - What is the third step of the 5 - Step Formula?

19:15 - What are the two-selves that we fluctuate between and why is it important to be mindful of it?

22:00 - Why is it important to identify what triggers you and work on reacting differently?

24:25 - What is the fourth step in the 5 - Step Formula?

25:40 - What are the premises that we tend to live our lives by and why is important to understand them?

28:19 - What can you do if your spouse is not willing to work with you on getting your needs met in your relationship?

30:15 - What is your "Triad" and why is critical to your relationship that you understand it?

31:40 - Why is it important to understand what a therapist can do to help and what you may want to try before you seek therapy?

32:47 - What does Trevor call the "Crazy Cycle" and how can it be interrupted?

34:35 - What is the fifth step of the 5 - Step Formula?

35:18 - Dr. Gupta references the book The 7 Principles To Make A Marriage Work by John Gottman here:

36:30 - Why is important to possibly change the language you use to express to your partner what your concerns about the relationship are and what language can you use to get a much better response?

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