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Filtering The Facts: How To Protect Your Kidney Health with Kevin Lowery, MD - Part 1

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Show Notes:

1;24 - Dr. Kevin Lowery's Intro

4:24 - What are the basic functions of the Kidneys and what are some of the lesser known roles they play in the body?

5:55 - What symptoms do people have if they are developing Kidney Disease and how can they be tricky to detect?

8:11 - What is the newer test that can be used for kidney function that is better than Creatinine and when should it be used?

11:21 - What are some of the most common causes of Chronic Kidney Disease and Kidney Failure?

12:28 - What can someone do to prevent or mitigate Kidney Disease?

13:27 - What are the issues with insurance reimbursement that play a role in how patients are treated for Kidney Disease and what is Dr. Lowery doing to change that with his patients?

17:13 - What is dialysis and what are the different types?

19:06 - Why is Hemodialysis used more in the US than Peritoneal Dialysis and how is that now shifting?

20:58 - Why are regular check-ups on Kidney Health important in finding out the root cause and preventing it from advancing?

Make sure to join us for Part 2 of this episode where Dr. Gupta and Dr. Lowery finish the deep dive into Kidney Health and what you can do to prevent Kidney Disease!

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