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Filtering The Facts: How To Protect Your Kidney Health with Kevin Lowery, MD - Part 2

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Show Notes:

1:20 - Why are the kidneys so remarkable?

1:53 - How many times a day are your kidneys filtering your entire body's blood volume?

3:03 - Why is it important to let your physician know any over the counter products or supplements you are taking?

5:35 - Why may it be a better strategy to start with simple dietary changes with early kidney disease rather than eliminating certain nutrients altogether?

8:25 - How much should you hydrate above and beyond what's contained in food?

11:30 - What's a good way to tell if you need more hydration beyond regular thirst?

13:42 - What does Dr. Gupta recommend to help absorb hydration better?

14:52 - How does alcohol affect hydration and impact nutrient levels for weeks afterwards?

18:48 - Is water toxicity really something to be concerned about and when should you add in electrolytes to balance water intake?

24:28 - Does taking Creatine as a supplement have an effect on creatinine levels and how can it be balanced out so it doesn't cause issues?

26:50 - Is it possible to improve Chronic Kidney Disease naturally through dietary changes?

29:50 - What can balance out extra protein consumption for muscle building programs?

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