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Detox Dilemma: Is Detoxing a Money Making Scheme? with Andy Wong, MD - Part 2

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Show Notes:

1:00 - What are some examples of the many toxins your body is dealing with on an every day basis?

1:57 - Why is indoor air more polluted than outdoor air and why should we spend more time outside?

3:45 - What is "Phase 3" detoxification and why does it make the entire process pointless if it's not working properly?

6:25 - What are some ways to make sure that you're eliminating the toxins that are being processed every day?

7:40 - Why is is so important to consume adequate protein everyday to fuel your detox systems?

8:50 - Why is sweating crucial to detoxification and what are some toxins that can only be detoxified through sweating?

11:15 - What do studies show about the impact of using a sauna on chronic diseases and all causes of death?

14:07 - How many times a week should we sweat for at least 10 minutes at a time to properly eliminate plastics and other toxins?

14:38 - Does someone really need to see a practitioner first before taking supplement for detoxification?

16:45 - What role does the body-mind-spirit connection play in detoxification?

18:10 - Why is important to pay attention to things that can be toxic other than chemicals, such as EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) and lack of sleep?

19:40 - What types of food can help with detoxification process?

20:24 - What role do fats play in detoxification and why is it important to have very good quality fats for the health of the cell membranes?

22:45 - What supplements can be helpful with the detoxification processes?

26:46 - Are fad detox products, like juice cleanses and the like, really necessary or just marketing ploys?

30:20 - Why should we be aware of mold in our environment and what role can mold and mycotoxins play in the toxicity that can accumulate in our bodies?

31:42 - What kinds of tests might a practitioner run if they suspect toxicity is playing a role in someone feeling unwell?

33:19 - What role can toxic overload play in cancer because of its effect on the immune system?

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