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Stop Your Adderall and Try This Technique Instead: Cold Therapy with Dr. Gupta

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Show Notes:

1:30 - What is Cold Water Therapy?

1:58 - Why does Cold Water Therapy work and what is Hormesis?

4:15 - How long do you need to do Cold Water Therapy to see the benefit?

4:44 - What are the benefits of Cold Water Therapy?

9:06 - What is "Brown Fat" and how can Cold Water Therapy activate it to help burn more calories?

9:55 - How can Cold Water Therapy help you better cope with other types of stress in your life?

10:00 - How can Cold Water Therapy replace the effects of stimulants like Adderall or even Cocaine?

11:00 - How can you use breathing techniques (such as Wim Hof) to help you better tolerate the Cold Water Therapy as well as enhance the effect of it and even tolerate many other types of stressors better?

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