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The Fountain of Youth: Unveiling Peptides & Hormones with Doug Lucas, DO

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Show Notes:

1:08 - Dr. Lucas's introduction.

1:59 - What does Bone Health really mean and what is dysfunctional bone metabolism?

3:25 - What is Dr. Lucas's 5-Step Pyramid of Health?

5:45 - Why do most people really need to supplement?

7:35 - What is the "4R" method?

10:04 - Why is muscle loss so related to poor Bone Health and an indicator of mortality, and what can be done about it?

13:00 - What are the steps people can take to start building strength and muscle mass?

18:43 - Why does Dr. Lucas say that cycling is actually not good for bone health?

19:30 - How much protein do people need to get in to be able to adequately build muscle?

20:53 - Dr. Lucas shares a successful case study of reversing bone loss and hormonal issues that turned a patient's health around.

22:56 - What are the bone markers that Dr. Lucas prefers to look at to see if people are re-building their bones?

25:14 - How safe is hormone replacement therapy and how much does it impact bone health and longevity and anti-aging?

31:35 - What kind of testing and hormone replacement therapy does Dr. Lucas use in looking to optimize a woman's hormones?

35:28 - What kind of testing and hormone replacement therapy does Dr. Lucas use in looking to optimize a man's hormones?

40:02 - How can someone improve their own natural testosterone production without taking hormone replacement?

41:42 - What are the risks of coming off of testosterone replacement therapy without support?

42:20 - What are the risks of taking testosterone replacement therapy?

45:50 - What are peptides and how can they be used for things like muscle gain and fat loss?

51:48 - Why is it very important to make sure you're getting good quality peptides from a reputable source and not just buying them online?

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