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Crushing Goals and Igniting Success: The Motivation Masterclass with Vikram Raya, MD

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Show Notes:

0:56 - Dr. Raya's intro

1:46 - Where does someone start if they want to understand what they want and ignite their motivation?

4:40 - What is the comfort to discomfort ratio, and how does it relate to motivation and success?

6:00 - What are the 5 main categories of life where someone would want to dedicate the bulk of their time and effort to in order to achieve success?

7:16 - What is Dr. Gupta's 8-Step methodology to creating success?

8:35 - Dr. Raya recommends the book The One Thing, by Gary Keller here:

8:39 - What are the steps to take to figure out where you are in your 5 main areas and where you want to be?

10:40 - Dr. Raya shares an example from his own life of a goal that he focused intensely on until he achieved it.

15:12 - How do you find inspiration if you're struggling with it?

16:27 - What is the "Three I" methodology for reaching a goal?

17:29 - How do you get beyond limiting beliefs that might stand in your way and shift your identity?

20:19 - How do you choose a path for a goal when you feel stuck?

21:17 - How can you use baby-steps to get you going in the right direction of making a new habit?

21:58 - What is the Pomodoro technique and how can you use it to help achieve a major goal?

22:51 - Dr. Raya recommends the The Productivity Planner book here:

24:13 - How can you find a way to motivate yourself even if you're not feeling inspired?

26:04 - Why is it very important to reward yourself extrinsically as well as intrinsically for your achievements?

27:50 - Dr. Raya recommends the book Atomic Habits by James Clear here:

To watch the video version of this episode, click here: