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Eating Plastic: The Untoward Complications of Our Dependency with Avi Kar

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Show Notes:

1:30 - Avi's Bio

2:45 - Why should we care about the plastics we're using and the plastics we're generating?

3:00 - At what alarming rate is plastic production increasing and what does the fossil fuel industry have to do with it?

3:53 - Beyond the climate and environmental damage it causes, what are the health related implications?

5:07 - What are phthalates, PFAs, and BPAs and why are they so toxic?

6:07 - How much plastic is the average person eating every week?

6:40 - What shockingly low amount of all plastic is being recycled?

9:04 - Should we give up and stop trying to recycle?

9:43 - What are some of the actions we can take to change how much plastic we use?

13:25 - What are the burdens of plastic on the environment we live in?

14:59 - What are the health implications of eating microplastics all of the time?

17:44 - What are carcinogens and endocrine disruptors and how can they affect health?

21:21 - Why should chemicals be looked at as classes for harm rather than playing whack-a-mole with similar chemicals in the same class?

23:17 - What is PFAs and why can it be so harmful to health?

25:03 - What can be done about the widespread use of PFAs in the environment and cleaning up PFAs from the environment?

27:04 - Why are the use of PFAs so prevalent?

28:20 - Which occupation is considered a cancer risk just by the nature of the chemicals?

34:09 - What is the concept of essential use and non-essential use?

34:52 - Is our water being protected and should we use water filters?

41:28 - Avi Kar can be reached at

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