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Nuclear Fusion: The Key to Planetary Health with Amit Singh

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Show Notes:

1:24 - Amit's intro

2:50 - How did Amit get to the position of CEO of NearStar Fusion?

4:23 - What is Nuclear Fusion and how does it differ from Nuclear Fission?

6:29 - Where does the fuel for Fusion come from?

7:24 - What is the technology needed for Fusion and how has it advanced recently to make Fusion energy generation a possibility?

10:30 - How is the energy extracted in the Fusion process?

12:55 - How have regulations for Fusion changed recently to make it more accessible than wind or solar energy in the future?

15:15 - How safe is Fusion in relation to emissions, explosions, radiation, etc?

17:05 - How will the implementation of Fusion energy plants unfold in the future?

18:16 - How will Fusion energy plants possibly affect areas that have been hard hit by the opiate crisis?

19:30 - How soon does Amit think that Fusion energy plants will start being implemented?

21:15 - Will Fusion technology be advanced enough to be used for energy generation in our homes?

22:25 - How does a hyper-velocity plasma railgun work to generate Fusion energy?

24:48 - How will Fusion energy generation impact the future availability of clean renewable energy and the health of the planet?

27:30 - Amit Singh can be reached at [email protected].

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