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The Human-Machine Interface: Beyond Science Fiction with Adriane Randolph, PhD

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2:15 - Dr. Adriane Randolph's Bio

6:00 - What does it mean for someone to be "locked-in" and how is this new science helping people who have this issue?

11:17 - How might this technology be completely life-changing to patients and family members?

11:49 - What is the future of this technology?

12:44 - How might this technology help someone in a long-term care situation not have to suffer?

16:16 - How can this technology possibly help people in comatose or semi-comatose states be able to communicate?

16:43 - Is it possible for someone to move a prosthetic with the control of their mind?

21:03 - How might this new brain science actually asses someone's emotional state?

22:19 - How can someone use this technology to train the brain for learning states or to control things like ADHD?

23:05 - How can this technology be used to change reactions or emotional states?

28:15 - How might this technology be used to personalize marketing and the like in the future?

29:19 - How can this type of technology actually be dangerous and how can you protect yourself?

35:41 - Dr. Adriane Randolph can be reached at [email protected]

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