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Psychedelics, Plant Medicine and Mental Health with Diva Nagula, DO - Part 1

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2:35 - Dr. Diva Nagula’s Bio

3:20 - How did Diva get started on his journey with psychedelics and plant medicines and what was his first experience like?

7:20 - What did Diva learn from the integration process and why is it important to go through this process after a treatment with plant medicines?

11:50 - Why are the set and setting so critical to having an effective journey with plant medicines?

17:05 - How can you prepare your mindset for your psychedelic journey so that you can get the best results?

20:10 - What are the contraindications and possible side effects of taking psychedelics or plant medicine?

23:40 - Why might someone experience “the blues” after taking “Ecstasy” or “Molly” (MDMA)?

25:00 - What are the next steps for someone who would like to experience psychedelic therapy sessions?

28:20 - How would someone decide which type of psychedelic journey to take?

29:29 - Why does Diva recommend using float tank sessions to help someone prepare for their psychedelic journey?

30:05 - What is the difference between using psilocybin therapy vs. ketamine therapy?

31:20 - Why does Diva consider all these medicines (psilocybin, ketamine, cannabis, MDMA, LSD, Ayahuasca, San Pedro, 5-MEO DMT, Iboga, etc.) to be separated into tiers 1, 2 and 3, and which substances would he put in each tier and why?

Make sure to join us for part 2 of this episode where Dr. Diva Nagula and I finish our deep dive into the amazing health benefits of Hallucinogens and Plant Medicine! We'll see you there, thanks for listening!

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